on-screen digital evaluation software for higher education examiners

#1 Digital Evaluation Software for Examiners: E-Valuation

On-screen Evaluation & Marking System

Linways on-screen digital evaluation software for higher education examiners enables them to evaluate the answer script on-screen and mark their responses without altering the conventional workflow and with utmost efficiency !!


Quick Result processing

Track CO and PO outcomes for OBE implementation

Teachers can perform evaluation from anywhere

Auto calculation of marks

Only accessible for assigned faculties


On screen display of valuation scheme and questions

Multiple levels of evaluation made easy

Revaluation and scrutiny made easy

Secured storage of answer scripts

on-screen digital evaluation software for higher education examiners


On-screen digital evaluation software for higher education examiners

What is Online Evaluation System?

Digital evaluation or on-screen evaluation is a method in which the examiner can digitally evaluate the scanned copy of manual or online examinations. It could make the valuation of examinations easy and will be adopted widely in the near future. The examiner can digitally assess and mark the answers on their computers or any other device. The answer sheets will be scanned by a bulk scanner or students can write exams in electronic tabs and upload them to any cloud storage. This will be assigned to the authorized examiners by the examination controller. Learn More »

on-screen digital evaluation software for higher education examiners

Transform your existing paper-based evaluation process to online with Linways online assessment tool.


• Tired of managing huge loads of papers ?

• Difficult to track Course Outcome attainments without the question-wise mark ?

• Is there a delay in publishing results ?

• Can't save the answer papers securely on your desk ?

• Difficult to finish the valuations within the prescribed time ?

Let's get you started

Shift your valuation camp online !!

Why should you shift from the paper-based evaluation system !?

Reasons for the necessity of an on-screen marking system in higher education

Time consuming process

Lack of data security

Delay in result publication

Lack of accountability

Lack of transparency

Physical destruction by repeated use

Inconvenient for the valuators

Heavy consumption of resources



Digitize your paper valuation; save time and resources with E-valuation!


Highly cost-effective and Hassle-free on-screen evaluation solution

Efficiently manage your entire evaluation process using real-time analytics and a dashboard

Experience the simplified examination marking procedures

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