We never add a feature, just for the sake of it. We do it with care, passion and intention to provide the best user experience.

See how to make your data work for you.

Our built-in analytics helps you monitor and generate reports & performance graph keeps you motivated.


Highly interactive & easy to use.


Convenience and the ability to learn at any place and any time.


Single point for all learning needs.

Easy report generation

It redefines the way your faculties generate reports.

"What you want & the way you want it."



Course material distribution

Teachers can distribute course material through Linways learning management system.  

Accademic Audits

Teachers can distribute course material through Linways learning management system. 

Placement and Training Management

Helps the placement officer to manage all placement activities in one place. 

Examination hall & seating arrangement

The entire procedures such as seating arrangement of students, hall allocation, notices, invigilation duty list, generating reports etc can be done in a single click.

Leave Management

This speeds up and simplifies your entire leave management process. You can record and monitor all types of leave across your organization.

Online Admission management

Manage the admission process with online application, filtering, allotments etc.


Conduct discussion forums on various topics to boost the academics, conduct group discussions, and to improve the collaboration over team projects.


Can identify, analyze and track all the activities and issues inside the institution.

Attendance marking and report generation

Effective attendance management, daily, weekly, monthly, subject wise reports

NBA Reports

Effective attendance management, daily, weekly, monthly, subject wise reports. 

Library Management system

Manage entire library through Linways Library management System. 

Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

Our HRIS lets you keep track of all your employees and information about them. 

Time table Management

You could easily set batch timetables using our easy to use timetable module. 

Online examination & analysis

Conduct online examinations and assessments with ease using the online examination


Get notified of various events and to make the campus paperless.


Manage grievance and complaints, and track the actions taken in accordance with it.

Publish marks and Performance analysis

Publish marks, generate various progress or performance analysis reports for easy judgment and decision making.

Auto normalized mark list

Linways will generate auto normalized mark lists for university internal mark calculation.

Progress Report Generation

Generates a diverse array of configurable progress reports and rank lists. Also allows drill downs such as comparison of marks, subject wise ranks, attendance history and many more

Transportation Management

Complete vehicle management, vehicle wise routes and pickup points, Pickup point wise student report etc.  

Online feedbacks

Collect real-time performance data for continuous improvements and enhancements.

Lesson planner

Plan your curriculum, map the outcomes, and track the progress with the lesson planner module.

Examination Management

Easy examination management, including hall arrangement, assigning faculties, track attendances, number of answer sheets used etc. 


The student planner allows a student to view all his activities, including events, examination, assignments, etc. in a single glance.

SMS and Mail alerts

Parents get attendance alerts, marks of their child through SMS/email. 

Digital Library

Linways digital library is a browser based application, so user can access digital library module even from their home with out installing extra software

Document repository

Allows easy conversion of files such as pdf, ms word, ms power point, etc. into a linways platform standard document thereby facilitating easy sharing and management anywhere within the platform

Hostel Management

It manages multiple hostels, hostel wise students, room reservations, allotment and other facilities. 

Faculty Appraisal management.

Manage faculty appraisals and evaluations with minimum effort using the faculty appraisal management module.

Question Paper Generation

Create and manage question papers for various assessments. 

Tally Integration

We support 'tally' with the AMS for the payment and finance management.

API for bio-metric systems.

We are provide API for integrating bio-metric systems with Linways AMS. 


The whole process of education managed with a single tool.

Everything you have been doing till now will be either automated or will be made so easy that it won't even be considered as a task.