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Learn and share- that's our policy. We conduct research, collect information, and curate data about education and learning. We, in the long term, intend to create a database for educators, teachers, and students, where they can access useful bits of information- free of cost.

As we have always said, Linways stands to make education easy and natural. And that includes helping teachers and educators by connecting them with the latest technology and mechanisms for a better education.

NOTE: These ebooks about the NBA & the NAAC accreditation were published in 2017, and does not feature the updated version of regulations and rules regarding their accreditation practises. We published these ebooks because at the time, there was a lack of proper documentation and resources about the NBA & the NAAC. However, since then, they have published help files and videos that are very helpful to learn about accreditation. We recommend their official documents to learn about their accreditation workflow.


The teacher's Guide for Bloom's Taxonomy

Bloom’s taxonomy is a widely popular instructional strategy across the various levels of education. It’s used from K-12 to higher education. So we have come up with a detailed guide to Bloom’s taxonomy for teachers. It helps with help with a basic understanding, learning about its importance, and creating a solid plan to implement Bloom’s in a classroom. You can download the ebook from here:


A handy guide on NBA accreditations.

It has not been long since we all first heard the name NBA. And many are still in the dark regarding the working and the motives of the NBA. But it shouldn’t be so. We all deserves to know what shapes our education and how they are doing it. This is why we published a concise guide describing everything that you need to know about the NBA accreditation.


A handy guide on NAAC accreditations

National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has been made mandatory and weighs in as a deciding factor in our higher education. In this context, we have curated the data and published “A handy guide on NAAC accreditation”. This book offers an overview of the accreditation parameters and assessment factors, as well as deeply ventures into the grading process of NAAC.


A curated dictionary of Learning theories

For the past few months, we have been conducting a research on various learning theories and instructional models for education, including both novel, and existing ideas.
This book is a collection of the world's most favorite learning theories, curated for the sake of educators, faculties, and enthusiasts.


Outcome-Based education

Our 'soon-to-be-published' book on Outcome Based Education will cover everything there is to know about OBE and it's peripherals- from the history to the application of OBE inside the classroom.
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