Let's make the examinations about learning,
and not the other way around.

Linways Examination Management Module for higher educational institutions lets you cut down unnecessary workload and improve the efficiency in every step of the way.

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Complete examination solutions for universities and autonomous institutions

False Number Generation

Grace mark & moderation

Certificate Generation

Exam Management

Advanced result analysis

Consolidated Mark list

Online certificate verification

External examiner portal

Online Exam Registration & Notifications.

Create, schedule, and offer registration facilities for exams through Linways AMS. Your students can be notified through the system for better clarity and tracking.

Hall Arrangement

Arrange exam halls automatically with a variety of custom rules and guidelines. Seat students batch wise, year wise, roll number wise, or define your own way to ensure proper overview.

Define Regular, Revaluation,& Supplementary Exams

Create different types of assessments and exams for different purposes like regular exams, lab exams, revaluation, supplementary exams etc.