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Linways partners with products & service providers for educational institutions and universities to improve the way the world is learning. Before you join, let's take a moment to figure out how we can reach more audience, and further our cause.

Referral Partner

You connect us with the key individuals & actively contribute to close the sale.

Strategic Alliance

We integrate our & sell it as a whole package. We help each other to grow.

Consultancy Partner

You learn about Linways & close the sales. Our team assists you in the process.


Our awesome products + Your expertise = Revolution

We take pride in our product

Some of the best academicians and high-profile institutions has absolutely loved Linways AMS for its easiness to use, and beautiful and intuitive interface.

Our products are highly versatile, built to adapt to all kinds of teaching environments.

Since it’s easy to introduce Linways AMS platform to various institutions, it’s a wider market in the higher educational spectrum.

Our research and development team are always on the lookout for the best-in-class, and latest advantages for the platform. We implement all the cool new features early in the game. So you always have the upper hand in the market.

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Referral Partner

This is for you if you're

A re-seller, or if you are running your own business in a similar domain, individuals who want to bring change in education; like retired Academicians, NBA coordinators, NAAC coordinators, accreditation consultancies etc.

How does it work

You connect us with the decision makers of the institution. You would introduce us to the management of the respective institution. Provided that you actively take necessary steps to close the sale.

Strategic Alliance

This is for you if you're

Service based IT firms, Software re-sellers, ERP system/Payroll system/RFID/Biometric system/Library management system/Accounting software/Bulk SMS/email service/Accounting software providers for higher educational institutions.

How does it work

You can integrate your products with Linways in order to sell it as a whole package.You can use our APIs to integrate your products with Linways AMS and boost your sales.


This is for you if you're

Wanna-be entrepreneurs or someone looking for a hussle on the side.

How does it work

The partner learns deeply about Linways and it’s product to do the entire sales procedure and our team would assist them to demonstrate the product in sales process.

Let's make a difference

Join with Linways to build your brand, and reinvent the way we learn.

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