Our Vision

"Empower every educator with the right technology to accelerate learning."

Our Mission

"Empower educators, inspire learners, change the future. "


"Get excited and make beautiful things!"


“Education is the backbone of society. We exist to support education.”

Linways, established in 2009, is a cloud based learning platform provider for higher educational institutions. We simplify all the managerial tasks of an institution with our Academic Management System (AMS). Educators can focus more on their job and management can make wise decisions using Linways. It also ensures the best user experience for faculty, students, managerial board and parents.

With our efficient product and dedicated service we became the trusted technology partner for 250+ institutions around India.

Why we are building this

Learning drives humanity forward. Linways exists to foster that drive, and cater progress.

Intelligence plays a huge role in natural selection and shaping the evolutionary timescape of species. Humans are really high up in the order mostly because of our ability to be curious, learn new things, retain that information, and pass on that knowledge to our next generation. This fosters the ability to cope with situations, adapt to environments, and evolve to a higher order of being.

Linways admires this fact and stands to aid the mankind’s desire to learn.