Planning and strategising made easy for teachers

Linways course planner is built upon making the lives of teachers easy so that they can focus on the core academics and raise the quality of the whole teaching learning process.

For incorporating university norms and regulatory principles, Linways AMS provides many custom settings and workflows that are easy to work with.

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Proposed plan & Actual plan

To help keep a better track, Linways AMS offers proposed plan and actual plan functionalities. Create a proposed plan before the semester begins and update the actual plan as the course moves on. This way, the faculty can better assess the progress and bring adaptive measures to the pace of the course.

Save Time

Instead of spending hours on plotting charts and collecting data to fill your excel sheets, the faculty can instantly create course plan reports with a keystroke in Linways. This help save a lot of time that's well spent otherwise. The planner is highly user intuitive and easy to manipulate that it reduces the workload an saves time.

University norms & auditing reports

To make the lives of faculty easier, we have incorporated many functions and data headers necessary for generating university auditing reports. So Linways AMS serves as a reliable personal assistant for the teacher to go to when in need. Since the AMS would alreadyhave the data required for these reports, all it takes is the click of a button.

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