# 1 OBE System by Linways

Map & Evaluate your students' performance with Linways Outcome Based Education(OBE) Software


Outcome-Based Education(OBE) is purely learner-centric and the whole experience of education rests on the ability of students to learn.

Not all students learn the same way and at the same pace. So instead of providing a standardized model, Outcome-Based Education accepts the diversity in the classroom and uses the element of continuous evaluation to make sure that the student does achieve the desired outcome at the end of education.



Simplify and streamline OBE workflow with Linways


Program creation

PO / PSO creation

PO attainment tree creation

CO creation

PO - CO attainment rule creation

Mapping assessments to tree and calculation.

Mapping COs to assessments

Defining CO, PO & PSO


Program Outcome(PO)

Program is defined as the specialization or discipline of a Degree. Program outcomes are narrower statements that describe what students are expected to be able to do by the time of graduation. POs are expected to be aligned closely with Graduate Attributes.

Course Outcome(CO)

The course is defined as a theory, practical, or theory cum practical subject studied in a semester. Course outcomes are statements that describe significant and essential learning that learners have achieved, and can reliably demonstrate at the end of a course. Generally, three or more course outcomes may be specified for each course based on its weightage.

Program Specific Outcome

Program Specific Outcomes(PSO) are what the students should be able to do at the time of graduation with reference to a specific discipline. Usually, there are two to four Program Specific Outcomes(PSO)s for a program.

Course Outcome (CO) creation

The faculty before starting his lesson, define and set the desired outcomes of the subject. There may be more than 2 outcomes for a single subject. They are the subject-level objectives that the students should be able to achieve in order to attain the POs.

CO, PO & PSOs Mapping.

The corresponding faculties map the COs with their related POs and PSOs. Here it is the CO that actually take in to consideration while conducting assessments. Then it will be connected to the PO and PSO as the rule created.

Mapping Course Outcomes to Assessments

There might be different kinds of assessments like internal exams, assignments, projects, etc. Using Linways OBE software, the faculties can easily map the predefined Course Outcomes to each of the assessments.


Blooms Taxonomy Question Mapping

Faculties can easily allocate Bloom's Taxonomy levels to each question in an exam and categorize the questions by their difficulty level with the Linways OBE module. And he can also map all the questions with corresponding COs without much effort. Here a single question may be connected with more than one CO and then the faculty can choose and map with multiple COs.

Simplified calculation via the highly configurable and adaptable framework

♦ Faculties can easily create a customized framework and decide what criteria should be included for PO calculation

♦ They can choose the method for the final attainment calculation

♦ Automatic PO attainment calculation with the criteria given by the faculty.




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