Nurture the Culture

Embrace the diversity & communicate well with your students and teachers about their grievances for a positive atmosphere with Linways Grievance Management platform for educational institutions.

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Offer confidence and transparency to the students and teachers in your institution.

We believe in the betterment of education through building a ideal nurturing environment where teachers and students can freely interact and communicate well. Linways Grievance Management Platform is a stride towards making that dream a reality.

Breaking down communication barriers

Make sure that the grievances are properly heard through the clutter of a thousand other notifications to the right authority. Provide confidentiality and transparency is keeping your institution friendly.

Take Action swiftly

With Linways Grievance management platform for colleges, we have made sure that the person responsible for providing redressal can do that easily, thereby resolving affliction as soon as possible.

Accreditation/Affiliation norms

Most of the regulatory bodies and accreditation agencies have made it mandatory to have a grievance redressal system in an education institution. So keep up with their norms to ensure quality for your college.



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