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Admission Management

Beginning with the very first step, Linways AMS always helps institutions to streamline their tedious workload and simplify everything. With our exceptional user interface and customer support, be sure to let your students have a great experience through their journey.

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Save Valuable Time and Energy

Blending administration and academics is tricky and tiresome. We've built the perfect solution for faculty to simplify daily tasks and seamlessly integrate core academics with administration. Gather deep meaningful insights and take well-informed decisions with graphical view.

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Exceptional Support

Helping our customers is the most important aspect for us. Our dedicated customer happiness team is always available to ensure hassle-free experience with the AMS. Our customers are our best evangelists because of our professional relationship & personalized care.

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Outcome Based Education module

Implement the popular Outcome Based Education in your Diploma institution. Our dedicated OBE modules assure deep, meaningful insights, easy management, and creative solutions for OBE.

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Fee Collection and administration management

Run a 21st century academic institution with automated workflows, online fee collection, and easy management of the administrative side. Improve the whole experience for your students and parents.

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Accreditation management

Take care of your institution's accreditation workflows with our dedicated modules for NBA and NAAC. Intricate details of accreditation is carefully blended into the academic workflow to ensure easy accreditation management

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