NBA Accreditation Management Software

Make your college compliance-ready with Linways

Organize college data in a central database and generate all the accreditation reports you need, such as OBE reports, CO attainment reports and PO attainment reports.

Simplify your NBA accreditation process with Linways.



Why should your institution get accredited?

Key benefits of NBA accreditation for Higher education institutions:

Improve the quality of education

Credibility and recognition

College Autonomy

Continuous quality improvement

Creates a sense of direction

Improves student enrollment

Motivates faculties

Enhances employability of graduates

Academic Progress Of Students

Socio-Economic Development

Become eligible for grants

Challenges faced by Institutions during the Accreditation process

Repeated administrative tasks

Lack of centralized data storage

Arrangement of reports in different formats

Maintaining supporting documents

Monitoring data entries

Lack of transparency among departments



How Linways Accreditation software simplify the process !?


Auto-generation of Self Assessment Report (SAR)

Generates highly accurate & ready to upload Criteria wise report

Direct & indirect attainment

CO,PO & PSO calculation


Helps in identifying the gaps through criteria based insights

Self Assessment Report (SAR)

Self Assessment Report is perhaps the most important document for your NBA accreditation process. Creating a well-crafted Self Assessment Report for the NBA is crucial while accrediting. It is perhaps also the area where a lot of mistakes are committed. NBA expects that SARs are clear, concise, error-free, and with data for each of the criteria.

♦ Linways facilitates Self Assessment Report(SAR) in one click.

♦ Helps institutions in gap analysis and to take remedial action to address the weaknesses of the programs to be accredited

♦ Provides preparedness to institutions for the NBA visit for the programs with an error-free Self Assessment Report.


Simplifying OBE calculation


Defining POs and PSOs

Defining COs

CO, PO, and PSO mapping

Question paper prepration with COs

Blooms level setting

Rubrics based evaluation

Question based mark entry with COs

CO, PO attainment calculation

CO, PO attainment reports.

How Linways accreditation management system benefit your institution

Automatic report generation

Access from anywhere

Instant availability of Documents

Centralised platform

Save time and effort

Data security

  • Expert support

Data Privacy

Streamline your NBA accreditation management with Linways



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