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Learn and share- that's our policy. We conduct research, collect information, and curate data about education and learning. We, in the long term, intend to create a database for educators, teachers, and students, where they can access useful bits of information- free of cost.

How to manage your online class

A teacher's guidebook for managing the education and delivering the learning experience for their students using online classrooms.

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A teacher's guide for Bloom's taxonomy.

A complete guidebook to learn and implement Bloom's taxonomy in your classrooms.

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How to become a successful teacher in the 21st century.

A complete guide to how a 21st-century teacher thinks, acts, and the skill set they have.

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Blended learning: A guide for teachers.

A step by step guide for teachers to learn and implement a blended learning model in their classrooms.

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A handy guide on NBA accreditations.

We published a concise guide describing everything that you need to know about the NBA accreditation.

A handy guide on NAAC accreditations.

This book offers an overview of the accreditation parameters and assessment factors, as well as deeply ventures into the grading process of the NAAC.

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Our blogs are of topics we find worthwhile to share with you. We publish blogs on education and related topics twice every week.

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