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Linways NAAC accreditation software helps you to simplify report generation and to streamline your accreditation process

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Centralized platform

Auto-generated reports

Instant criteria supported reports

Continuous Quality Improvement

Specific assigning of responsibilities

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Challenges faced by Institutions during the NAAC Accreditation process


Generation of numerous criteria wise reports

Tedious administrative works

Inconsistency in monitoring student progression

Managing data in defined formats

Faculty data management

Implementation of ICT-enabled classroom

Identification of gaps in the curriculum

OBE implementation

How does Linways accreditation software solve these challenges?

Effective planning, evaluation, and analysis of NAAC accreditation or re-accreditation processes

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) tools aligned to educational standards

Calculating CGPA and NAAC grade and attainment of criteria-wise value

Preparation of SSR using complete qualitative and quantitative metric calculations

Prepare instant reports in desired formats such as Excel, PDFs, and links as per NAAC requirements

Evaluate and monitor the NAAC process to completion using dynamic role-based dashboards

CO,PO & PSO calculation

Roles and responsibilities are appropriately delegated


Better transparency and accountability

Data-driven decision-making

Generate real-time insights

Simplifying OBE calculation

Outcome Based Education (OBE) focuses on the skills and results achieved by the student as the most important aspect of education. Most quality assurance and accreditation practices are based on this methodology. OBE does not rely on conventional teaching methods. It believes, that instead of rankings and exams, the use of assessments, opportunities, and classroom experiences should all provide the necessary support for the students to achieve their goals.

Linways accreditation management software automate& simplifies the OBE calculation process as follows:


Defining POs and PSOs


Defining COs


CO, PO, and PSO mapping


Question paper prepration with COs


Blooms level setting


Rubrics based evaluation


Question based mark entry with COs


CO, PO attainment calculation


CO, PO attainment reports.

NAAC Accreditation Management Software for Higher Education

Self-Study Report (SSR)

The most important step in the assessment and accreditation process is the preparation of the SSR. Institutions should follow the guidelines provided by NAAC while preparing the SSR and ensure that it contains the following:

Evidence of contributing to the core values

Evidence of building from the strengths identified by the institution

Actions taken to rectify the deficiencies recognized by the institution

Efforts made by the institution towards quality enhancement

Future plans of the institution for enhancing quality.

Linways helps the institutions to smoothly collect, analyze and manage data and reports in formats as required by NAAC.

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FAQ on NAAC Accreditation 


  • What is accreditation data management system in higher education?

    The accreditation data management system is a software that is used to systematically collect and organize data required for accreditation and assessments. It simplifies and streamlines the accreditation process of higher education institutions.

    Linways Cloud-based Accreditation Management Software- EXAT offers a comprehensive System for assembling, managing & compiling data on all the activities of higher educational institutions.

  • How Linways can simplify the accreditation data management process?

    Linways Accreditation Management System helps your institution to systematically collect and organize data required for accreditation and assessments in one place, manage important workflow, and estimate scores and grades.

    We, with a research-backed and unique accreditation framework, help you assemble, manage and compile data required for national and international accreditations.

  • Why is NAAC accreditation important for higher education colleges?

    • NAAC accreditation gives a college instant credibility and increases its admissions.
    • Ensure continuous evaluation process with accurate data,
    • Motivates the institute to take quality improvement procedures.
    • Ensures teaching success and motivation.
    • Improves internal communication.
    • Maximize student admissions.
  • What are the benefits and significance of Linways NAAC accreditation software for colleges?

    Linways Accreditation Management System helps your institution to systematically collect and organize data required for accreditation and assessments in one place, manage important workflow, and estimate scores and grades. Linways AMS, with its built-in accreditation framework, supports the required processes defined by various national and international accreditations.

    Linways believes in education where technology assists learning. Relieving teachers from such mundanities will definitely improve the quality as they get to spend more precious time with the students and the curriculum. Take a look at some of the benefits of Linways accreditation data management system:

    • Automatic report generation
    • Access from anywhere
    • Instant availability of Documents
    • Centralized platform
    • Save time and effort
    • Data security


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